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Mar. 10th, 2015

I'm sorry if this is a newbie question, but I can't figure out how with using paint why all pictures I save at 100 x 100.. like lj requires.. seem so small compared to other icons, besides one I found on a google search I think is a nice size, the above icon seems small.. can anyone help? I did try to look at some beginner tutorials but they didn't seem to address this issue.. thanks in advance ! Also, has anyone retrieved viruses from saving others lj pics?

Looking for a tutorial

Program: Photoshop

I recently saw a tutorial that used a picture from Once Upon a Time, Regina to be specific and there was someone behind her (I don't watch the show so I'm only vaguely familiar with the characters). The tutorial taught how to remove an unwanted object/person in the background using (I think) the lasso tool and something that might have been called Content Aware. I thought I had saved it but apparently I hadn't. The tutorial used the full image (It wasn't icon sized at that point though the maker might have resized it later). The coloring had blues and purples in it.

I hope that helps. I really need that tutorial too.

Trouble with KM Player

I had to use a new version of KM Player and now I have trouble making screencaps.
I use the same settings as I always do, but now the screencap size is really huge. Normally they are between 100-150 kb per screencap, and now they are between 500kb-1MB. That's way too big to upload to my screencap community.
Anyone knows how to fix that?

Moving a group

Normaly when I had the group selected I could just use the move tool to move it. Now the move tool acts like a selection tool. What am I doing wrong?

Sep. 3rd, 2014

Hello everyone! Could anyone help me reach this kind of muted colouring? I'm using Photoshop CS5.

big pics under the cutCollapse )

How to achieve this coloring?

Hi! Does anybody know how to achieve this kind of colouring? I know these photos are taken with an actual film camera with filter, but I want to know whether it is possible to re-create the vintage, matted, sepia/brownish (and slightly grainy) colouring on other similar photos.

I use photoshop CS6.
More examples of the colouringCollapse )

And the sort of photos I want the effect on
Read more...Collapse )
Thanks in advance!

Coloring Question

Hi! I was wondering how to achieve this kind of look. Seems I can't get as soft look even though I try.

 photo coloorrr.jpg

Do you have any ideas or know tutorials that would look the same?


I hope you can help me with this. I make blinkies like these in CS5:

There are multiply frames in here. If I change the stroke of the pixel text it sometimes only changed the first frame. But now hese starting to act weird. Let's say there a six frames. If I change the first frame it could be he only changes the first two. Or he changes frame 1,2,3,5,6 leaving 4 out. Any idea why he might be doing it?

Another gif question

Thanks for the help on my last question. Now I don't know if this is more a photoshop thing or a browser thing, but when I try to make animated images, they speed up like crazy. I've tried adjusting the delay, but it doesn't help. It either has no effect or it goes too slow. I'm using photoshop cs3 & firefox.

Sorry for all the level 1 questions :/

Fighting with frames

I feel like frekin fool for not remembering how to do this, but, how do I get text on an animated image to stay consistent?

I'm using Photoshop CS3 I added a text layer above all the layers I want the text to appear, but if I try to move or adjust the text, it only wants to change on the layer directly beneath it. All the other frames have the text as it was originally, so it jumps around. I seem to recall a way of doing it so I don't have to manually click on every frame and move the text.

How do I fix this?

help to get this colouring

hello guys.

so, I came across this wonderfully coloured gif on tumblr:
gif hereCollapse )(made by http://frivolouswhim.tumblr.com)

and it amazed me, seeing that the original colours of it were these:
originals hereCollapse )

I tried a bit on my own, mostly on my video making program (which I know works differently than photoshop in the colouring matters, yet I tried it anyway) but no luck at all. So could anyone help me with how I could achieve this colouring? I would love to get it both in photoshop CS5 and in Sony Vegas Pro 9 (for any future videos). Of course, since this is a photo editing community, the vidder's part of my question is only added as a bonus, just in case someone could guide me for both programs. If not, I would be extremely happy to just get this result in photoshop ;)

Working with an image's existing colors

Program I use: Photoshop CS5

I am so out of touch with the latest icon making techniques but one thing I’d definitely like to learn is how to work WITH a screen capture’s original coloring instead of against it. I always want to change orange looking caps to look more natural by adding blues and such and they come out looking faded and gross. Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about:

This (made by geckoholic):

From this:

Moved Text

Lately I saw many artwork using text which was a little moved within one word. Here you can see an example.

Can someone explain how to make this? I use PS CS5.

exampleCollapse )

Tutorial List

I've made a list of tutorials I've found useful over the years. Will be constantly updated. With each link, I include a gist of the steps so you'll know if it's translatable to your program and with some I included my result.

HERE @abstract_angst

Tutorial needed!

Would anyone have any clue of a tutorial that teaches how to make something like this?

Program: Photoshop CS5
Steps: 4
Difficulty: Super Easy

Going from sample4a to sample5

Here @ mei_ling7

How to use this texture on gifs?

Hi. I´ve found this texture and i want to use it but i don´t know how. Does anyone have a good tutorial? Also, can i change it´s color? Because i wanted red.

Read more...Collapse )


sparky effect

How can I make the following sparkly effect myself in photoshop CS5

By daynavon for me

Orange Blue Effect

Going from

 this t1 to this t5

                  Here at mei_ling7

Feb. 28th, 2014

Hello! I was wondering if anyone has a tutorial, or knows where I can find one on how to lighten up really dark screencaps? I've been using curves and the good old screen method, but it seems even on HQ images the quality gets lost because they're so dark, and I'd really like to do something with them? Or maybe a tutorial on how to use dark screencaps sufficiently? And if it helps I use PSCS2. Any ideas or links would be super helpful! :)


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