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You can save the Google Translator sound to an mp3 file using the Google Chrome developer tools.

Description of actions and the process of saving on the YouTube channel:


One of the settings of the Clean Master application can block Viber sound on smartphones. Description of the process of restoring the sound of Viber notifications on the YouTube channel:


YouTube channel - PC&Smartphone Users Stuff

YouTube channel about all sorts of tricks for users of computers and smartphones. The channel will be updated and expanded. All videos are published in English and Russian.


gif coloring help

There is obviously a blue hue to this but I can't seem to acheieve the same coloring no matter how many color balances or selective. Help?

Two gifs

Hello y'all:) Anyone know how to paste two gifs together like this? Any help is greatly appreciate^^

Read more...Collapse )

Rainbow Glow Tutorial


This should translate to pretty much any graphics programme that has a channel mixer function. I used Photoshop Elements 14, which does not have a channel mixer, but I have a plugin that adds one. This tutorial assumes you know how to use: blend modes, adjustment layers, and masks.

Other Examples:

Rainbow Glow: Chatty VersionCollapse )

Rainbow Glow: Quick, Vague VersionCollapse )

Coloring manga

Hey guys!
I have CS6 extended and I would like to know how to achieve this "smooth" but bold black lines and whenever I try to color hair it doesn't come like I want, mostly with characters with dark hair.

(icon credits to http://phonographs.dreamwidth.org/)

The manga artist does color their hair dark to show they have dark hair and when I try to color their hair (for example, with brown or dark-blueish colors) it barely shows because of the original dark part.

What should I do?

Icon size... help!

I have CS6 extended... and when I make an icon in 100x100 I always use 3,54 cm x 3,54 cm but now when I try to add those figures into the boxes above I get an error sign Read more...Collapse )

luminosity effect on photoshop?

Hi! Can anyone recommend a colouring tutorial or some tips to achieve a colouring similitar to the one in this picture?

Thanks a lot! :)

unwanted letter spacing

For a few days now whenever I use the text tool it creates spacing between the letters. I was playing around with text last week so I'm sure I hit the wrong button somewhere, I just don't know which. I'm using Photoshop Elements 13.

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