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Tutorial 023: Basil & Shaolan

Requested by cyanidebullets and inutaka_karuki.

How to go from
to and

to with Photoshop. Uses mainly texture dropping, fill layers and Hue/Saturation, so it should be translatable.

is A and is B

1. Prepare your base! I'll be using two very different images today, so it should be quite interesting to see how each of it developes. <3 I cropped this KHR cover and some TRC art.


2. To brighten it up a bit, make a Soft Light, 61% base duplicate first. The difference wasn't so great for the Shaolan image, so B got a Soft Light, 100% duplicate.


3. Better, but the images need more color: make a Hue/Saturation... adj. layer with these settings:

Master: 0 14 0
Cyans: 8 16 0


4. Good, let's play around with the coloring by using fill layers instead of the usual Selective Coloring for once. x3
Create a new layer and fill it with #050B2A on Exclusion, 100%:


5. Make another fill layer with #F0B6FE on Soft Light, 100%, this should give your image an interesting lightness. If it's too pink for you, just lower the layer opacity.


6. Sweet~! We can start the texture time now. :D Take this one by innocent_lexys, flip it horizontally and set it to Multiply, 100%. For B I lowered the opacity to 87%.


7. This step is for B only: to add a little interest to the left side (I just thought something was missing there) take this texture by keoni_chan, desaturate (Shift+Ctrl+u) and invert (Ctrl+i) it, then set it to Screen, 87%. If the white swirlies aren't clear enough, you can also do a auto-contrast or play around with Edit > brightness/contrast. Erase parts that cover your character, and your icon should look somewhat like this.

For some shiny effects I also used this lens texture by gravira on Screen, 100%. Again I erased disturbing parts.


8. Now both images are in again~ /o/ To get some nice color effects, take this texture by x_momolicious_x and set it to Overlay, 41%.


9. All the textures did a neat job, but now the images are all washed out. D: Fix that with a Soft Light, 20% base duplicate.


10. Yosh, but don't forget the shinies. Take this light texture (by ?) and also this one by ohfreckle. Set both to Screen, 100% and move them around to your liking.


11. To finish things up, make another Hue/Saturation... adj. layer with master saturation set to 16 and a Brightness/Contrast... adj. layer with contrast +3, and that's it already!


Questions? Just ask! :D

Other examples:

Be creative and experiment however you want, and I'd love to see your results! I'm curious what you come up with. :D

Please comment to this post since I'll most likely respond there.

More tutorials are here, and these will be coming next.

Tags: anime & manga: colouring, program: photoshop

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