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#5 Mizushima Hiro tutorial

from to

* Photoshop CS2
* 8 steps
* .psd? Yes

Other results

Step 1
My base is too dark. I duplicate base and set it to Screen 100%.

Step 2
Now it looks much better but... lips! They're not as cherry as I want them to be. To fix it I make Selective Color layer with this settings:

Reds: -100, 45, 100, 30
Yellows: -100, 100, -50, -70
Neutrals: 23, 12, 12, -3

Step 3
Now I'm gonna make Mizushima's lips more distinct. I make Hue/Saturation layer.

saturation: 23
lightness: 5

Step 4
My favourite step in this tutorial. We are going to darken icon a bit. Make Color Fill layer. Set it to Exclusion 33%. Fill it with #6c2e2e.

Step 5
It's too bright, so make Curves layer. Put following settings:

RGB (in:111, out:94)
(in:172, out:158)
Red (in:69, out:112
(in:112, out:137)
Green (in:135, out:116)

Step 6
In this step we're going to "clear" colours. To make this we need Color Balance layer.

midtones: 23, -2, 3
shadows: -12, 34, 45
highlights: 10, 7, -4

Step 7
Now make Color Fill layer. Set it to Exlusion 46%. Fill with #21183f.

Step 8
We're gonna lighten icon a bit. Make Brightness/Contrast layer.

brightness: 12
contrast: -4

Now it's perfect ^^.
I added also two textures by kaanivaru and text "mizushima hiro" using font Papyrus.

I'd love to see your results ^^.

Download .psd here.
Tags: program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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