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Level of difficulty: Easy
Program: PS CS3
Traslatable: No

1. Well, first choose the base you want to work with, I took the mine from this image of Saint Seiya: Sacred Saga and then I cropped his face as you can see:

2. Now, copy your base and send it to Soft Light opacity 100%, and we have this:

3. Create a new adjustment layer (Layer->New Adjustment Layer->Hue/Saturation):
Hue: 0
Saturation: +20
Lightness: 0

4. Create another new adjustment layer (Layer->New Adjustment Layer->Curves):
Output: 155
Input: 100

5. Time to coloring (I'm a beginner in this, so, it's not something extraordinary), well, create a new layer and fill it with #079885 to Soft Light opacity 100%.

6. Create another new layer and this one fill it with #07264a to Exclusion opacity 80%.

7. Looks nice, right? But it doesn't end here, now create a last new layer and fill it with #f7cede to Soft Light opacity 70%.

8. Create a new adjustment layer (Layer->New Adjustment Layer->Color Balance):
Color Balance
Midtones: +30, 0, 0
Highlights: -10, 0, 0
Shadows: +30, 0, 0

9. And the last new adjustment layer that you need (Layer->New Adjustment Layer->Slective Color):
Selective Color:
Cyan: -100
Magenta: +100
Yellow: +100
Black: 0

Cyan: +70
Magenta: +100
Yellow: +50
Black: -100

Cyan: +20
Magenta: 0
Yellow: +45
Black: +75

Cyan: +100
Magenta: -100
Yellow: -100
Black: +100

Cyan: +100
Magenta: -100
Yellow: 0
Black: +100

Cyan: +100
Magenta: -25
Yellow: 0
Black: +40

Cyan: +2
Yellow: -23
Black: +25

Cyan: +100
Magenta: 0
Yellow: 0
Black: +100

  (n.nU a little bit longer, hum?)

10. Finally you copy your base and bring it to the top, the go to Filter->Blur->Box Blur and put Radius: 5 pixels, change the blending to Color Burn opacity 20%.

Add some text an that's it!!

Another examples:


P.D.: If your image doesn't have anything yellow you can add a new layer over the pink one and fill it with #fdf7ae to Soft Light opacity between 30% and 50%, and something else, this tutorial works better if your image has some cyan in it =^w^=

Questions? I'll be glad to help you.
Tags: anime & manga: colouring

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