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Tutorial : smoky and pop-up colors tutorial

this to

Program used : Photoshop CS2
Translatable : YES
Psd : YES

This is the base:-

1) Use this texture made by me and set it to Lighten 50%

2) Using a basic soft brush at 100 pixels in #000000, brush along the sides of the photo to give it an aged look.

3) Hue/Saturation layer and use these coordinates:-

Master Saturation +34
Reds Saturation +23
Yellows Saturation +34
Blues Saturation +23

4) Photo Filter layer
Warming Filter (LBA) at Density 25%

5) Color Fill layer #ffffff and set it to Soft Light 23%

6) Photo Filter layer
Sepia at Density 25%

7) Hue/Saturation layer with Saturation +23 in Master

8) Use this border texture made by me and adjust it.

The coloring is done :) The following is for the text ♥


The font that I used is called Eight Fifteen. You can pick any font you want =) Be creative!

1) Write whatever you want and then go to Blending option > Outer Glow. Set it according to this to have the outer glow effect =]

2) For the stripes behind the writing, go to custom shape tool and pick this stripes. Remember to drag this below the font layer :)!

3) Drag both of the layers to below the first hue/saturation layer.

And you're done! :D

Other examples:-

Please leave all your comments and questions HERE @ heygravity and you can get the psd there :)
Tags: program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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