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Made in: Photoshop 7
Uses: Greyscale, Levels, Colour Fill, Curves
Difficulty: Easy
Requested by cutting_onions

You can either start with the full image or crop it to 100x100 (or the size needed)

Greyscale your imageThis'll remove the colour so we can work in black & white
Using levels (channel grey) I put the input values at 45, 2.00, 230This darkens part of the image to give it contrast while lightening up the rest of the image so that it is visible
Using a colour fill layer (opacity 50%, colour #747474) place the layer on darkenThis will make the white areas of the image grey so that the constrat between light & dark isn't too great
Using a curves layer lighten up the image as neededThis will lighten up your image some more. If you did this without the colour fill layer the white areas would be too bright so this lightens up the grey while keeping a smaller contrast between dark & light

Other examples

If you have any questions feel free to ask :) You can also show me what you make.

Tags: tutorial: black & white

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