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Anne Boleyn (The Tudors)

From to or

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Tools Used: Selective Color, Levels
Program: Photoshop
Translatable?: No

Step One
Prepare your base.  I chose this picture of Anne Boleyn (cap from killcolor and cropped and resized the picture so that it was 100x100 pixels in size.


Step Two
Duplicate your base layer.  Set the duplicated layer to 100% Screen.  Merge these two layers together - this will be important if you wish to achieve the icon with the dark texture!


Step Three
Create a Selective Color layer.  Enter the following settings:
Cyan: -63
Magenta: +36
Yellow: +18
Black: +12

Cyan: +7
Magenta: +24
Yellow: +25
Black: +42

Cyan: -8
Magenta: +3
Yellow: +6
Black: +2

Step Four
Create a Levels layer.  Enter the following settings:
Input: 12, 1.02,  221
Output: 0, 255

Step Five
Duplicate the Levels layer you have just made.  Set to 100% Normal.


Step Six
Copy and paste the texture below.  Set to 65% Screen.
(by silverqe)


Step Seven
If you would like the effect of another texture, then follow steps 7 and 8.  If not, then you're done! :)

Copy and paste the texture below.  Set to 100% Multiply.
(by xswaniconsx)


Step Eight
Because a tiny bit of Anne's chin is cut off with the darker texture, we are going to adjust the placement of Anne in the icon.  Select the layer that has the image of Anne (you should have merged these layers so that there is only one layer with Anne in it.)  Adjust this layer until you have placed it so that Anne is not cut off by the texture.


And that's it! Hopefully I explained things well, and if you have any questions just comment on this post and I'll do my best to help you out.

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