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Program: PSCS
Translatable?: YES!
Difficulty: Easy>Medium

1. Create a new 480x180 document. Fill it with a dark red, I used: BC1C1C
2. Take this texture:
This is not gonna make a big impact--but it will add a little bit of texture to the background. Set it to Darken, fill around 5%, I put it on 4%.
3. Add in your cut/render. I used one of Clay Buchholz. It helps if your cut is in a red shirt, but other colors will do as well. Duplicate it three times so that you have 4 cut layers.
4. Set the first one to Normal, and the last two to Multiply, around 30% fill. I used 28.
5. Then, take your last layer and move it over a TINY TINY bit. Then, erase most of it but leave some around the edges.
6. Take this texture:
Set to Darken.
7. Take another texture:
Set to Multiply, around 5%, but I used 4%.
8. Take yet another texture:
Set it to Soft Light around 60% fill, I used 57%.
9. Make a new layer. Brush once with an 100px soft brush in bright red. Set this on Screen, around 20% fill, I used 19%.
10. Write, in fancy font, the first letter of your person's first name. For instance, I wrote a "C" in Cloister Black in 48pt. font. I put it on his left shoulder. Then, new layer, Image>Apply Image. Go to Layer>Create Clipping Mask. As you can see, now the layer with the applied image is only inside the layer below it. Neat trick, eh?
11. Make a new layer. Brush once with a splatter brush, where it looks good, preferably on the render. Do another new layer, apply image and clipping mask. Do this another three times (apply image>clipping mask WITH SPLATTER BRUSH).
12. Fill a new layer with black. Then, with a 300px soft brush and your eraser tool, brush once right in the middle where Clay/your cut is. Set this to Soft Light, 20% fill.
13. Take this texture:
Set to darken and erase Most of it, except leave a fair amount on the render, but not too much.
14. Repeat step 12, except set it to soft light, 40% fill.
15. Duplicate the texture from step 13 except move it over to the other side of the cut.
16. Take this texture:
Screen, 100%.
17. Duplicate that layer and move it to where it looks good.
18. Take this texture:
Set to Linear Dodge and move to the top of the sig. Duplicate it, and put the lights on the other side and go to Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontally, it'll look better that way. Erase some if needed. Duplicate it 2 more times and move it around on the top, wherever it looks good.
19. Take this texture:
Set this to Linear Dodge and place the last bit of the texture on the top and erase a little until it looks good.
20. Take this texture:
Set it to Color Dodge, 14% OPACITY and 15% FILL.
21. Take this texture:
Set it Color Dodge, 100%. Duplicate it, and go to edit>transform>flip horizontally.
22. Then duplicate that texture again and go to edit>transform>rotate and rotate it until it's facing completely straight, up and down, that is, rather than on a diagonal. Set these 2 transformed layers to Color Dodge, 100%.
23. Make a new curves layer with these settings:
First point (RGB):
66, 50.
24. Make a new layer. With your 200px soft brush and your brush tool, brush two big dots in white in the middle of the canvas. Set this to Overlay, around 25%. I used 26%.
25. This step is optional, but I think it makes the banner look a LOT better. Do a gradient map, black>bright red. Leave it on Normal, however if you so please, brighten up certain dark areas by making a new layer, applying your image and brush with the dodge tool.
26. Add your border and text if you want.
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial!
Tags: graphic effects: textures

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