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Cristiano Ronaldo Icon Tut

My first icon tut, and my 2nd today, sorry.

Go from: Photobucket TOOO: Photobucket

NOT TRANSLATABLE. Involves Selective Color. I use PSCS. There are eight (8) steps to this tutorial.

1. Insert your image. You should resize the image so the focal is small, but still the focal. I chose a picture of Cr7 reaching out, but we will still deal with him and the crowd behind him. ;)
2. Duplicate the base by doing Ctrl+J (or Option+J on a Mac). It's a cool shortcut. Then, go to Filter>Sharpen>Sharpen and leave it on Normal.
3. We're going to make a selective coloring layer now, to make the image more blue. TIP: To make the image more blue, you have to deal with the reds and yellows but to really make it bluer, increase the Cyan on Neutrals. However, it's nice to try and mess around with the other colors as well. Here are my settings, but feel free to use your own, however remember the tip about the Neutrals!:
Reds: +30, +18, +49, 0
Yellows: +100, +28, -33, 0
Whites: +100, +100, +49, 0
Neutrals: +20, 0, 0, 0
4. Then, I wanted to make the image a bit darker. So, I made a new layer and went to image>apply image, and then desaturated that layer by doing Ctrl+Shift+U (or Option+Shift+U on a mac). I set it to Multiply, 45%, but it was too dark, especially on the render. I wanted the crowd to be dark, so I just erased on the render.
5. Add these two textures just to add small detail to the icon:
First one set on Linear Dodge, same for the second one, opacity as you wish. Move the first one somewhere on the focal, wherever it looks good. The second one - move where it looks good.
6. Color fill with: FFF600. Set this to soft light, 20%. I know it made the picture golden, but we're going to change that.
7. New selective color layer. Here are my settings, but again, play around with them if mine don't work:
Reds: +25, +25, +10, 0
Yellows: -100, -48, -100, +38
Neutrals: +28, 0, -2, 0
8. New layer, image>apply image. Darken the background with your burn tool. Then, brighten your focal with your dodge tool.
And you're done!
Tags: tutorial: colouring

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