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Raini Takai

Go from this:

To this!

It should be translatable, since I'm not using selective colouring or curves or anything like that. :) Just playing with textures. For the record, I'm using PS7.

Now, just as a precursor, the textures I've chosen go well with the image. I like to match colours and make sure that anything I choose will look good with the image I'm using, so everyone's result will be different, even if they use the same textures I have in my tutorial. Also, deviate from the tutorial too! Instead of a colour burn layer, use a screen layer! Whatever you think looks good. :D Anyway.

First, crop your image. For beginning PS users, you can crop your images to an exact 100 x 100 with the crop tool; just imput '100px' in the width and height boxes after the tool has been selected in the toolbar (you can see an example here.)

from this to:

Duplicate your base three times. The second layer up from your base should be set to Overlay, the one above that to Screen, and the third, top layer should be set to Soft Light. Doing that gave me this:


Alice looks WAY too washed out like that. D: So, we're going to use textures to even it out. Unfortunately, I may have lost thre credits to a few of the textures I'm using (sorry! ;_;) so if anyone knows where I got some of these, please comment about it?


The first texture I used was this one (and I can't remember the maker for it D:)

Drag this new layer down to between your base and your first layer (the one that is on Overlay), and set it to Luminosity. So, you go from


Better, but not quite perfect for me. So, I used this texture next:

and dragged it to the layer above the last texture (directly below the Overlay duplicate layer, and aobve the last texture) and also set this to Luminosity, however I lowered the opacity to 80% since it made it a bit too bright.

We've gone from this:

to this:

The next texture I used, since again Alice's face was still a bit too bright and not balanced enough, was this:
and it was dragged to in between the Overlay layer and the Screen layer (so, above the Overlay and under the Screen) and set to Colour Burn.

We've gone from this:

to this:

Looking better! Three more textures, and we're done! The next texture used was this:
(from briarrose_icons), and it was placed above the last texture (directly below the Screen layer) and once more set to Luminosity.

We've gone from this:

to this:

Next, add this texture:
(from fuyuno) between your Screen and Soft Light layers. This is the only texture going there. Set it to Soft Light

We've gone from this:

to this:

Last but not least, I added this texture:
, and let it stay at the top of my layers list. Set this to Linear Dodge so only the lights show up, and the black doesn't drown out everything else. That gets you from
to :)

For reference, this is what my layers palette looked like in the end:

I'd love to see other results, and I'll try to answer any questions if I'm able! ♥
Tags: anime & manga: colouring

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