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Go from this to Photobucket

Program used: Photoshop CS2
Selective colouring included.
& 5 steps!

Righty! :D It's a simple tutorial, short & fast.

1) Get your base. Whatever size you want. I used 360 x 402 & using Jae Joong from DBSK :D

2) Create a new layer and fill with #000040. Set it to exclusion, 100%

3) Then go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Selective colour
You can play around here, the idea is to get more red and yellow. Red because I wanted his lips to be more lively and yellow because the surroundings mostly yellow. So, emphasize on the colours depending on your picture. But you can follow what I used if you want :)

Reds; -100, -82, +43, +12
Yellows; -77, +36, -100, +23
Whites; -60, +59, -52, +100
Blacks; 0, 0, 0, +45


4) Duplicate your base. Drag it all the way to the top and set it to Vivid Light, 100%

5) Duplicate base again. Drag it to the top and set it to colour burn, 50%. The opacity is up to you. Whether you want it to be darker or more exposed :D and after all that. YOU'RE DONE! :D & you'll have this!


Haha. Wokay! I hope this helps :)
Tags: tutorial: colouring

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