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PSP X Tutorial

PSP X - Step By Step - Harry Potter Tutorial
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Cutting Out Your Image
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1.) Paste Your Image. Select your "Magic Wand Tool" and enter these settings..
MODE: Add/Shift
"Check Use All Layers"
"Check Contiguous"
"Check Anti-alias"
2.) Now click the background around HP. It should only take one, or two clicks to get a good outline. Be sure to click edges that aren't snug against HP, but DO NOT select any part of him, we just want the background.
3.) Now that we have our outline, select your eraser tool any size is fine, just make sure your opactity is at 100% and start erasing over the whole picture. HP will not erase, cause he's selected. - DONE, You Should Have Something Like This!
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Coloring Your Image
1..) "Deselect" your cutout image and copy and paste it onto your new background. I used This background and colorized it Green. Now colorize the HP image Green and add a dropshadow using these settings..
V: 1
H: 1
Opactity: 100
Blur: 10.00
Color: White
Leave the layer Normal 100% and then duplicate the image (TWO Times.) Set the 1st Duplicated Layer to Screen 100% and the 2nd Layer to Softlight 100%. You should now have three HP's total.
2.) Go back to your first HP image above your BG and then select your wind option located under "Distortion" and enter these settings.
From Right
Wind 75%
3.) Now add This texture and colorize it green. Set the layer to screen 100%. DONE!!!!
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Add Text, Brushes.. ETC..

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