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This tutorial works best for dark, dark greenish-blue pictures and screencaps.
Were gonna go from this to this
Very easy only 6 steps!

Step 1. Were gonna start with this CSI cap from rhcp_csi  crop down any way you to. Personally I like to use the free transform tool. So i go to Edit> Free transform. Whe you do that at the top two boxes will pop up Where it saw W: put 12.0% and where it say H: 12.0 %. The i moved the box up to the top leaving so space below in the icon. This the screen cap of however my ps looks like:

Step 2
: Duplicate the layer and set it to Screen. Duplicate that screen layer again.

Step 3
. Now working with the picture. Were gonna work with selective coloring to enhance the colors that are already there. So go to Layer> New adjusment layer> Selective coloring. Here are the Values:
Cyan: -44
Magenta: +22
Yellow: -8
Black: +14

Yellow: +2
Black: +12

Black: -26


Cyan: -8
Magenta: +2
Yellow: +4
Black: +8


Cyan: -24
Black: +10

Now it should look like this:

Step 4
: Ok now one part of the face is dark so i don't like so to fix I go to Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Gradient Map. Now chose the black and white layer. Then i clicked Reverse then i set the layer to soft light then i decreased the Opacity to 29%. Now it should look like this:

Step 5: Now i kinda wanted it to have some more color so another selective coloring layer:
Cyan: -30
Magenta: +7
Yellow: +20
Black: +10

Cyan: -21
Yellow: +7
Black: +4

Step 6. Now to take care of that space I took this texture   by kyurisma i use the Magic wan tool to select the black part and then delte it.  And thats it. I hope this help you learn something new i would love to use your results and if you have an question free ree to ask :] Here an other exampel with the same coloring :
Tags: colouring: selective colouring, program: photoshop, resource: screen captures, tutorial: colouring

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