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Icon Tutorial 01// tiny letters & big letter

Hey, I got bord while figureing out how to get the ad strip off. If anybody know please comment me. I will thank you a ton. So I decided to make a tutorial. I hope my tutorial is easy and helpful. So the tutorial is to make what is at the bottom. Oh and this for Paint Shop Pro 8.
How to get this --->

Icon Tutorial 01//
tiny letters & big letter

Example: (I added a border to the icon, so you can it better)

Step 1: Jasc Paint Shop Pro
        [used the image that you want to use -or- you can used mine image.]

           (click on image to enlarge it.)

Step 2: Crop it (96 x 96)

Step 3: Duplicate the layer (2x)

        --1st layer set on screen

        --2nd layer set on soft light

Step 4: New Layers (#1F2053)

        --set exclusion

Step5: New Layer (#800000)

        --set soft light


Step 6: New Layer (#8080FF)

        --set soft light


Step 7: Big letter


        --one letter like S stand for Sienna first name; Font: Porcelain; Size:18

        --CAP it

Step 8: Little letter (text:3x & seprate)


        --1st line:full name like Sienna Miller; Font: Verdana; Size:5

        --2nd line: what is the person is know for like:Actress; Font: Verdana; Size:4

        --3rd line:Decripe the person. Like: beautiful, lovely, grace, or etc.; Font: Verdana; Size:4

        --postion it where you want it.

        --Tip: to seprate the text to be by it self is to click on raster layer and then click on anywhere on the pic to add the text.

        --Tip 2: if you want to move your texts (big & little). Used this tool(at the bottom), just hold down the shift button and click on the word and letter.

Step 9: Border (2x)

        --color: white

(I added a border to the icon, so you can it better)

Voila! Done

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