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tutorial 001

go from this to

using adobe photoshop CS. pretty simple, just a few steps, but this does involve selective color!

note: these are just the numbers and levels i used for this particular icon, please play around until you find the right numbers and levels for the image you're using!

1. open your image, crop, resize etc. duplicate base and set it to screen; i used 100% because these screencaps were pretty dark but depending on your image, it will vary.

2. new adjustment layer: hue/saturation, saturation +29.

3. new layer: soft light 75%, set it at a light yellow color.

4. new adjustment layer: selective color.
-100; +67; -28; -21
-2; 76; -100; -42
0; +4; +23; -12

5. new adjustment layer: color balance (make sure preserve luminosity is checked)
cyan/red: -17
magenta/green: -15
yellow/blue: 0

cyan/red: -20
magenta/green: -7
yellow/blue: -23

cyan/red: -17
magenta/green: +2
yellow/blue: +18

merge layers and you're done! i'd love to see what you come up with!

please comment here!
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