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dah seven thaaaaangs - icon tut, folks.

From  to

*psd included :)
*difficulty: easy peezy
*selective coloring included



Okay, so! Here we go, my friends. First, take your base.
--------- >
Sharpen it how you like. Or don't sharpen. But personally, I think sharpening a picture makes it that much better. Anyways!

So now we're going to go from this to this:
Make a first point, RGB.
Input: 48, Outut: 31
Second point, RGB.
Input: 126, Output: 159
Third point, RGB.
Input: 173, Output: 231.

Make a first point, BLUE.
Input: 72, Output: 79
Make a second point, BLUE.
Input: 159, 145

So now we have this:
 But we're going to get to.
For this result, you simply add an exclusion layer. Set the color #201c02to softlight at 44% opacity.

So now we want:
 to turn into
Selective coloring time! Lol, so get a sc layer up and set it as such.
REDS: -35, -25, -33, 56
YELLOW: -45, -21, -21, -23
NEUTRALS: 25, -1, -8, 15
BLACKS: -4, -4, 0, 2

AND VOILA! You are finished! :] Here is the PSD link -
I'm not sure how often I will even use this tut, but I figured it might be helpful for those who work with screencaps a bit. Or maybe it won't. Oh well ;] Comments, questions, thought?! I rly rly love them.

Oh, *ps* I do this thing where I fluctuate between using LJ and not using it. But I really want to start using it f'real now. So if you could (anybody, IDC) go on and add me! I love to meet new people :)

Tags: program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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