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Blue-ish coloring.

-Made in photoshop 7
-Non translatable
-Involves selective color,levels,textures,and color layers.

01 Start with your base and crop it to your liking.

02 Duplicate your base and set it to SCREEN 100%.

03 Make a new,normal layer and fill it with a pale red,for example #E3BFBF. It's not what I used,exactly,but it gives you the close effect. Set this layer to COLOR BURN 100%. If the image turns out too red,lower the opacity. If you want it a bit more brown than red,try using a dark gray instead.

04 Make another new layer and fill it with #E1E2FA. Set it to LINEAR BURN 100%. now our image will turn blue-ish.

05 Make a new brightness/contrast adjustment settings and give it the following:
Brightness: 12

06 Make a new selective color adjusment layer and give it the following:
Reds: -13,8,-11,10
Yellows: 0,-23,-36,26
Whites: 26,0,-17,-26
Blacks: 10,0,-7,5

07 Make a new normal layer and fill it with #E1E2FA again. Set it to SOFT LIGHT 28%.

08 Make a new levels adjustment layer-here we will make the image just a bit softer. I used the following settings:
Input: 10,1.07,255
Output: 21,255

09 For our last step,take this
texture (I believe it is by cielo_icons ) and set it to MULTIPLY 100%. Carefully erase any parts of the texture that cover Hyukkie's face-and you're done!8D


The result may vary according to how you adjust your levels/brightness+contrast,and your selective coloring option. The second example is more red because I used more reds in selective coloring. The image also had a lot of white,so it looks lighter.

Please leave any comments or questions HERE,thanks!
Tags: program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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