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Importing videos in CS4.

So this is going to sound stupid, I know.

In CS2, you were able to import .avi's right off the bat into ImageReady. They'd show up with a window asking you where you wanted the animation to start and cut off, and if you wanted to simplify the frame rate.

Well, now I have CS4, and needless to say, that technique isn't working. I import the video, and it just shows up as one black layer, with no other layers attached, and no animation present, even when I open the animation window. And if I try to move it to a frame by frame animation, it keeps giving me something about merging all the layers, and how they won't be visible in frame by frame animation.

I've tried looking on Adobe's help site, and asking around, but I haven't gotten anything from it. So now I'm asking here.

Anyone want to help me out here???? I'm so frustrated that I can't make animated video gifs now!
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