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Reducing Red in Icon Bases

Per spaceshipmonkey 's request.

We're going to go from  to or

1. Sharpen your base and fade sharpen.

2. Add a Curves layer.
Set the Output at 168, Input at 107 for the RGB. Then, switch over to Reds and put the Output at 165, Input at 209, and another marker with Output 75, Input 122.

3. Add a selective coloring layer.
Reds: +41, +5, -29, -7
Yellows: +24, 0, +100, -14
Greens: +100, -100, -100, +100
Neutrals: -10, 0, -12, +9
Blacks: +15, 0, -19, -7

4. You can stop here, or you can just add a little opposite color touch, like I did. Make a new layer and fill it with #000a57. Set it on Exclusion at 50%.

You can change around the exclusion layer or just get rid of it if you want. Don't be afraid to explore other ways of changing/removing red, such as color balance, selective coloring, and channel mixing. =3 The best ways to learn are by experimenting, IMO, so don't be worried about screwing up.

Hope that helps. =3
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