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Harry Potter OotP signature Tutorial

Involves selective colors and curves.
Made with Photoshop CS.

That's a litlle older tutorial which I already wrote in German.
You'll learn how to achieve this:

You can download the PSD of the coloring part here.

1. I chose a cap from "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". Sharpen once and blur the skin a little.
As it is pretty dark duplicate your base three times. Set the first two to screen and the top layer to soft light.

2. Create a new curves layer with the following settings:

Input: 27; Output: 49
Input: 59; Output: 97
Input: 90; Output: 111
Input: 168; Output: 135
Input: 208; Output: 187

Input: 80; Output: 97
Input: 105; Output 126
Input: 173; Output: 191

3. Put a new layer on top, fill with #ffdea5 and set to soft light.

4. Time for a selective color layer:

-70; 0; +57; +88

0; +24; +24; 0

+100; -34;  -75;  -46

+13;  -34;  -63;  +33

5. New layer. Fill with #fbeeb4 and set to multiply.

6. Now some text if you like.

Choose a color that's already in your sig. Mine is a yellow tone.
Write the text you like in "Mutlu", size 48, spacing 5.
Now choose another color from your sig (mine is cyan)
and write the same text in "Garamond", size 30, spacing 5.

And you're done!

Tags: colouring: curves, colouring: selective colouring

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