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The Truth Beneath The Rose

Tutorial 06: Pandora

From  to

Difficulty: Easy
Program: Photoshop CS3
Traslatable: Yes (I guess ^^;)

1. Take your base, duplicate and set to Screen, 100% (You can lower the opacity if it's necesary).

2. New Adjustment Layer -> Hue Saturation:
0, 45, 0

3. Duplicate your base and drag it to the top, now go Filter -> Blur -> Box Blur - Radius: 3 px, and set to Sof Light, 100%

4. I took this texture (Image->Rotate Canvas) from here and put it on the top, set to screen 100%, and erase the parts that are covering the face.

5. Now, take this texture from bambinainnero and set to Screen, 100%

6. Duplicate your base. bring it to the top an set to Soft Light, 100%

7. Create a new layer, fill it with #9b39b7 and set to Soft Light, 70%

8. Create another new layer, fill it with #f1c283 an set to Multiply, 30%

9. Duplicate your base once again, drag it to the top and set to Soft Light, 100%

10. I took this texture from ohfreckle  and set to Screen, 100%. But I wanted more, so I took this one, also from Sanami and set it to Screen, 100%

11. Finally, create a New Adjustment Layer - Brightness/Contrast
Brightness: 45
Contrast: 20

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