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Jack Wilshere Icon Tut

This is pretty easy. No selective coloring, just curves. I use PSCS.

1. Insert your stock - I used one of Jack Wilshere who plays for Arsenal - so he's wearing a red and white jersey. My stock looked pretty good - so I just decided to duplicate once and sharpen it, that's it. Feel free to do whatever you want, duplicate and set it on screen etc.
2. Make a new curves layer. We're going to make it a bit darker.
Red: First point: 24, 0
Green: First point: 11, 0
Blue: First point: 8, 0
3. Okay. Here's a bright texture. I made it easier because it's already transparent - and erased. I can't find the original texture - it's buried in my computer somewhere. So here:
Set it on Screen.
4. Here is another erased texture - I apologize if it's not usable.
Set it to Screen.
5. Add your text. I wrote Jack Wilshere and above it "arsenal".
6. Make a new layer. This is a great effect that I learned from someone - I forgot who. With a 45-65px soft brush and brush on the left side of the text in a bright color. I used bright red. Set it to screen. Nice, huh?
7. New layer. Image>apply image. It's a little dark so I'm going to brighten it up only very slightly in certain places with the dodge tool. Don't overdo it.
8. Make a new color fill layer. Fill with: FFFAAE Set it to Darken.

Hope you enjoyed this tut. I understand this is not my best, but I hope some of your outcomes will turn out okay!

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