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Hello everyone,
Here's 2 tutorials, i wanted to post.
Both of these tutorial i have for you all should work
in ps and psp

tutorial #001 ft. JB
Step one:
This step is very simple all you have to do is
make your icon and do whatever it to.

Step two:
RGB layer
input: 106
output: 142

Step three:
Now we will be using this light pink color
#FF40DD set to soft light around 17 %
you can change the setting if need be

Step four:
RGB layer
input: 132
output: 101

Step five:
we shall be using a light green color,
#C8FF79 set to saturation at 10 you can change
lower or higher if you want to.

Step six:
the color we using is a light brown creamish color
#F2E4D0 set to soft light at 30 this should lighten up
your icon a little.

Step Seven:
your going to be thinking right now COLOR AGAIN GRRR lol
this color we using is a very bright/light pink color #ECAAC4
set to soft light at 20%

Step eight:
Time for some curves!
there will be 2 points in this one so i hope you
don't mess this up.

Point one:
input: 67
output: 55

Point two:
input and output are both

Step nine:
curves again lol i promise just one more curves left
and just one point this time.
Input: 103
Output: 88

Step ten:
now i promise this is the last color we will ever use in this first part of the tutorial
This color we are using is a cream color
# F9D9C1 set to soft light at 28%

Step eleven:
now for some hue/sat
Sat at  +15
Make sure hue and lightness are at 0

Step twelve:
yes finally the last time i bet your all are glad this is done
and like i promised this is the last curves.
now go you your curves and make sure you enter these
points in
Input: 130
Output: 154

your all done well at least for tutorial #1 lol

So i don't want to be mean and normaly people do these long tutorials and never
give you a .psd but i know you don't want to spend like a billion hours like did well
guess what i have a .psd for you make sure you credit me if you give it to anyone.

other examples:

tutorial #002 ft. Jensen Ackles & Jared Padaleki
This is the coloring i used on the gossip girl icons
& on those Supernatural ones btw.

Step one:
get your screen cap and make your icon.
and then do whatever to it lol.

Step two:
some may not need to do this only do this step if your using
a dark image but with light images it's fine.
Duplicate base and set to screen at 30%

Step three:
This is the only curves you will use in this.
this should light up your image with dark and non dark.
Input: 67
Output: 95

Step four:
Only color you will use in this tut.
we will be using a bightish green color
# 15ED0A set to saturation at 15%
i'm letting you know that it may look kinder eh on some
screen captures so you may need to change the percent around about 10%

Step five:
last step everyone!
time for some color balance, this should bring some color
to skin etc.
Midtones: -12,-8,-2
Shadows: +5, -7, -13
Highlights: -6,-8,-10

and your done

other examples:

both psds can be found here ---> http://community.livejournal.com/ttheplacetobe/3430.html
comments there to would be good as well thanks
oh you must join before you pick up .psd because entry is locked!
Tags: tutorial: colouring

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