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We're going to try my best sig (IMO):
Very easy - no selective color. I use PSCS.

1. I opened up a 380x80 document - but in this tut I'm really going to try to teach you the coloring without any adjustment layers. This tut is mostly effects - so it won't be that hard on a bigger canvas ;).
2. Add this stock:
Normal, 100%.
3. Next, I put it in my stock, mine's of Jake Delhomme (made this before his horrific game :P). The pic is pretty bright and has a lot of blues - but if you can't get a pic with a lot of blues - at least get a bright one or this may not work ;). Resize it until the focal is where it looks good. Mine was a little bit off-center. I think you should put it there too because of the next step. First, however, erase a little off the right side of the canvas. Just wait. :P
4. On the next layer, you need to paste in an unresized version of your picture. Put any part of that where the erased space is. Set that to Lighten, 30%.
5. Get out one of your soft brushes and brush in the bottom left-hand corner until it looks like the sig has been darkened.
6. Make a copy of your resized pic, bring it to the top. Desaturate it (Ctrl [Option on a Mac]>Shift>U). Now make a copy of it. Put that copy on invisible for now. Move over the original layer a teensy bit. Set this to Lighten and erase a lot of it - I left basically an outline of Jake (my focal) and outlines of the surrounding players, but it depends on what suits you. ;)
7. Go back to that copy you made. Set it to Color Dodge, around 80% (77 for me). Move it over again and again erase where it doesn't look good.
8. Then, make another copy of the base and bring it to the top. Desaturate again. Leave it on Normal.
9. Make yet another copy of your base but this time set it to Linear Burn, 35% FILL (DON'T desaturate). We're not done yet though.
10. Make a new layer. Image>apply image. Do a black to white gradient map. To darken it up a bit, set it to Soft Light.
11. Add your text. I used a pixel font. But I'm not going to explain how I did it because that's for you to decide.
12. Add in three tiny rectangles going vertically on your focal. Fill them with white.
13. Make a new layer. Image>apply image. Go to Filter>Pixelate>Mosiac. Set the cell size to a very low setting, I used 2. ;) Erase where it doesn't look good. I erased everywhere basically but the outline of the render and some parts on the side and the middle, and I left the shapes kinda pixely. Set this to Normal, 75%.
14. Make another three rectangles, except this time going horizontally OVER the text.
15. Take this texture:
Duplicate it three times so you have four layers. Move it so part of the texture is filling half the canvas. Set it to Color Dodge - but make sure the light is on the focal. For icons you can just resize the texture I guess. Set the rest of the layers to Color Dodge - placing them elsewhere and moving the texture around.
16. New layer. Image>Apply Image. Do a black to white gradient map. Set it to Multiply, 33%.

Add a border and your done!
Tags: graphic effects: textures

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