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Learn how to go from:
In 7 steps.
Level: Easy/Medium.
Involves: Selective colouring, Hue/saturation layers.

001. You know, the usual. Crop or grab a base off of another site, I have used a Katy Perry base from theghostparade. Sharpen the base if needed.

002. Create a hue/saturation layer.
Master; 0, 30, 0

003. Duplicate your base and drag to the top, set as screen, 44% opacity. You may change the opacity to suit how bright or dark your image is.

004. Here comes the selective colouring layers.
Reds; 0, 36, 28, -32
Yellows; 0, 0, -20, -31
Whites; 32, 33, -14, -20

005. Hue/Saturation layer.
Reds; 0, 10, 0
Yellows; 0, -20, 0
Greens; 0, -30, 0
Cyans; 0, 10, 0
Blues; 0, 10, 0

006. Selective colouring layer.
reds; 40, 0, 29, -44
Yellows; 0, 0, -46, 3
Whites; 10, 0, 0, 20

007. Hue/Saturation layer. (Last step!!)
reds; 0, 22, 0
Yellows; 0, 20, 0
Blues; 0, 23, 0

Aaand you're done!
I'd love to see what you have acheived!
PSD file: click
Other examples:

Please leave all your comments at gloriousound
Tags: program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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