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Icon Tutorial #18 [Blackfield]

Making dark images pretty!

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Made in PS7. Uses curves, textures and fill layers. Translatable.

First, let's get a little light on the subject, shall we? The simple way is using screen layer duplicates, but more often than not, I use a curves layer.

New Adjustment Layer > Curves

Click anywhere on the grid to get started. You'll only need one point.
Input: 38
Output: 94

Hm, that's not enough. Another curves layer will do nicely. This time, we're going to play with the other settings, too. Under each setting, you'll still only need one point.

New Adjustment Layer > Curves
Input: 49
Output: 115

Input: 47
Output: 38

Input: 49
Output: 39

Input: 73
Output: 50

That looks tons better. If your image didn't have large amounts of blue and/or magenta, you may need to adjust some of these settings.

Let's make a new colour fill layer.
Exclusion - #371903 - 100%

Almost done. Take this texture (by [?] I can't remember where it came from. If anyone knows, please tell me.) and set it to overlay, 100%

Duplicate your base, drag it to the top and set it to soft light, 100%. Duplicate this soft light layer and desaturate (ctrl+shift+u) it, leaving it at 100% opacity. You can choose not to have the desaturated soft light later, if you like. The image will be slightly brighter and have a greener tint. All a matter of preference.

And always remember, these exact settings will not work for every picture!


If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you want the PSD file, sorry. If you'd like to show me what you made using my tutorial, by all means, please!
Icon may be used with credit but not edited.

I'd prefer if comments were directed to the original post in my icon journal.
Tags: colouring: curves, program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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