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Hello, another tutorial!
Before you guys try this, I must advice you that this works better for dark/red based images, because if you use it on normal colour, the white bits go REALLY pale.
If you still would like this effect on a normal coloured image, I suggest upping the yellow Saturation, lowering the white saturation? And edit the selective colouring layer.

Sorry PSP users, another Non-translatable tutorial!
Involves: Hue/Saturation, Fill layers, Colour Balance and Selective colouring.
Steps: 6

Learn how to acheive:

001. Find yourself a base, mine is from theghostparade. Make sure not to sharpen the image too much.

002. Hue/Saturation layer.
Master; 0, 10, 0
Reds; 0, 12, 0
Yellows; 0, -23, 0 (if your final product turns out too white, you can always adjust the yellow saturation.
Cyans; 0, 23, 0
Blues; 0, 34, 0

003. Create a new fill layer, put colour #e8f66e on softlight 45% opacity.

004. Colour balance layer!
Midtones; 15, 23, 64
Shadows; 26, 16, 20
Highlights; -20, 7, 9

005. New fill layer, #09182c. Set to exclusion, 89% opacity.

006. Selective colour.
Reds; 16, -1, 30, 24
Yellows; 4, 43, -8, -35
Cyans; 34, 0, 0, -31
Whites; -62, 0, 0, 29
Neutrals; 0, 0, 0, -42
Black; 49, 0, 0, 52

Show me your results, and be sure to comment if you take the PSD or mem please!
Other examples:

PSD: click
PLEASE post all comments to gloriousound
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