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First one of '09

So, I hope you like it :)

Going from this to 

in Photoshop CS2 (should be translatable)
  • colouring
  • saturation
Original image from

1) Take your base and crop it into 100x100.

2) Duplicate your base and set it to Screen 55% (it will vary depending on the brightness of your image).

3) Go to Layers-->New Adjustment Layer-->Hue/Saturation, and set your Saturation to 25.

4) Duplicate your base and bring it to the top.  Set it to Soft Light 100%.

5) Make a new layer and fill with #ebc2de, Pin Light 75%.

6) Make a new layer and fill with #7388e5, Colour Burn 50%.

7) Duplicate your base, bring it to the top, and set it to Hard Light 100%.

Flatten your layers, and you're done! :)
Tags: colouring: saturation, program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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