Mandi (juniorfan29) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Coloring for Redheads

Okay, we're going to go from to with 3 selective color layers.

Program: PS7
Uses Selective Coloring, so not translateable.

First off, start out with your base. It's cute and all, but it's kind of flat and boring. So, how to fix it up?

First of all, make a selective color layer.
Reds: -100, 0, 0, 0
As you can see, this lightens up her hair a bit:

Next, make another selective color layer
Reds: -100, 0, 0, 0
This really brings out the red in her hair:

That's a bit...BAM in your face, for my taste. So, one last selective color layer.
Yellows: 100, 100, 0, 0
This "darkens" the hair down to a slightly less bright, but still predominate:

This method works well for redheads
Tags: tutorial: colouring

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