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Raul Icon Tut

We're going to go from this: Photobucket
To this:
No selective color - just Curves. I use PSCS.

1. Open up an 100x100 document. Fill it with: 323232.
2. Paste in your pic, and duplicate three times so you have four layers. On the first (bottom-most) layer, set it to Color Dodge. On the second, set to Overlay, 50%. On the third, leave it on Normal except set the Opacity to 20%. On the fourth, set to Linear Dodge, 15%.
3. I wanted to sharpen it. New layer. Image>apply image. Filter>sharpen>sharpen. Leave it on Normal. If it looks too sharp, which on mine it didn't, lower the opacity.
4. Take out your 100px soft brush. Brush about 1/3 of the top of the icon in white, opacity of the brush set at 50%. Leave it on Normal.
5. New color fill layer. Fill with a turquoise-ish color. I used 519AB5, but feel free to explore. Set to Soft Light, FILL of around 50% (53 for me).
6. Another new color fill layer. Fill with an orange, I used FFB64C. Set this to Darken, FILL 15%.
7. Make a black>white gradient map. Set this to Color, 40%.
8. Do a gray to gold gradient map. I used 323232>FFDCA0. Set this to Multiply, 50% FILL.
9. Make a new color fill layer. Fill with a lightish gray: 696969. Set this to Darken, 10%.
10. Make a copy of that color fill layer. Lighten, 45%.
11. Take this texture:
12. LAST STEP!!! New Curves layer:
First point: 133, 120

And you're done! I kinda got lazy and didn't explain things to well - I know. But I'd love to see outcomes!

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