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Banner Tutorial

How to make: 

Program: PSCS2
Level: Intermediate
Translatable: Nope...

from this :   
Let's start with the base, mine is from Crop and resize it to 450x200 or whatever size you want.

1. Sharpen your base by using  Smart Sharpen  with amount 20 and radius 1. Duplicate it and set to Soft Light 30%.
2. 1st Selective Color layer:

Reds: -100, 0, +100, +100
Yellows: +100, 0, -100, 0
Greens: +100, 0, +100, 0
Cyans: -14, 0, 0, 0
Whites: +6, -23, 0, 0
Neutrals: +6, 0, 0,0
Blacks: 0, 0, 0, +4

3. Make a new layer and fill it with #101648. Set it to Exclusion 100%.     
4. Duplicate the Selective Color layer and set it on top of the Exclusion one.
5. Color Balance layer:

Midtones: +20, +11, -1
Highlights: -6, -7, +3
Shadows: +33, +9, +10

6. Well now, I don't really know how to explain this. You'd better add the text first and then do it. If you notice the banner, left of the text is a white cloud/smudge/feathery kind of thing. To do it, just make a new layer and take a round soft brush in white, with 15pt at most and brush a line or something. It doesn't matter. Then take the smudge tool and smudge it so that it resembles sth like that.
7. Take this texture and paste it on top at Multiply 37%. 
8. Take another one: b at Screen 100%
9. Take a round soft brush at around 150pt and make a round red bolb near the text. Lighten 100%. You can blur it if you want.
10. Yet another texture! this one: resize it and put it at Lighten 90%. I erased the white parts.
11. Add text (if you haven't already) and Merge Visible or flatten image. Add border and you're all set.

:) If anyone wants PSD let me know.
edit: here it is                                                                     

Tags: tutorial: colouring

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