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Tutorial 25: Shinshi Doumei Cross

Requested by cyanidebullets.

How to go from to with Photoshop. Uses Selective Coloring, so probably not translatable.

1. Get your base ready! I cropped mine out of this SDC image.

2. First let the colors pop out more, while also changing them a little bit with a Hue/Saturation... adj. layer like this:

Master: -10 37 10

Playing with the huse/saturation bars can give your image a slightly different direction, so I suggest to experiment a bit! :D

3. For this icon I decided to go for rich colors, mainly a mix of blue, magenta and yellow. Let's work on the blues first with a Color Balance... adj. layer:

Midtones: -70 -35 40
Highlights: -5 0 0

4. Now for the magentas: open a Selective Color... adj. layer and put in these settings (yes, it's a lot this time D:):

Reds: -50 -80 100 52
Yellows: -50 -2 0 50
Cyans: 52 -52 52 -17
Blues: -100 40 -40 40
Magentas: -100 -51 40 -23
Whites: -75 53 24 24
Neutrals: -22 25 29 -10

5. To make the image really, really yellow without losing the blues and magentas (that's important for the textures later), we'll work with fill layers now. And with that, we'll have used the three main techniques for coloring, LOL.
Create a new layer, fill it with #090131 and set it to Exclusion, 63%.

6. Make another layer and fill it with #747E3D on Soft Light, 100%:

7. One last fill layer, this time with #A9ADE9 again on Soft Light, 100%.

8. Nice and yellow, but maybe a bit too yellow? Also, the image lost a bit of its blueness: fix everything with another Color Balance... adj. layer

Midtones: -28 0 20
Shadows: -56 2 -1
Highlights: -3 -1 0

9. Finally texture time! Take this foggy texture (by ?) on Screen, 100% to create an interesting atmosphere. Move it around to your liking, I just moved it a little bit down. Duplicate that layer for this.
To make it extra spiffy duplicate that texture layer again, but rotate/move it around differently (I flipped it 180°):

10. Next take this texture by lifeisdolce on Screen, 100% to make it even shinier!

11. A bit washed out, right? No worries, though! Drag a Soft Light, 100% duplicate of your base to the top, which will not only give the image the contrast back, but also make everything look like it's glowing.

12. To finish things up, make another Hue/Saturation... adj. layer with master saturation set to 18. Then open a Brightness/Contrast... adj. layer with brightness -14 and contrast +7, and that's it!

Questions? Just ask! :D

Other examples:

Be creative and experiment however you want, and I'd love to see your results! I'm curious what you come up with. :D

Please comment to this post since I'll most likely respond there.

This post is still open for tutorial requests.
More tutorials are here, and these will be coming next.
Tags: anime & manga: colouring, program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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