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Made in: Photoshop 7
Uses: Levels, Selective Colour, Curves
Requested by untapdtreasure

You can either start with the full image or crop it to 100x100 (or the size needed)

Using Levels (Channel RBG) I input the values 0, 1.5, 255This'll lighten up the image so that later layers aren't overly dark
Using Selective colour I input the values:
reds: -100, -25, +25, -15
yellows: -100, +50, +100, -25
whites: +100, 0, -50, +25
This will make the reds more vibrant and bring out the blue in the background
Using Levels (Channel RBG) I input the values 20, 1.5, 255This will darken up the darker areas whilst lightening the rest of the image
Using Selective Colour I input the values:
reds: -100, 0, -50, 0
yellows: -50, -25, 0, 50
This makes the reds even more vibrant. If your reds look a little too vibrant or it has affect the skin tone too much leave it for now as after the next layer it may look better, or you can change it then
Merge all your layers. (On photoshop its Ctrl+Shift+E)This will allow the next layer to change the image as a whole
Using curves I did thisThis makes the reds incredibly more vibrant, and darkens and lightens neccessary areas of the image

Other examples

If you have any questions feel free to ask :) You can also show me what you make.

Tags: colouring: selective colouring

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