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First tutorial - 10 easy steps

Um... I don't know if anyone would like to try something like this, but just in case:

From to using Adobe Photoshop CS Extended.

Come and get it 

First of all you need to sharpen your image: filter/sharpen/sharpen.

1) Take your base and copy it to your clipboard.
2) Go to image/mode/grayscale.
3) Go back to image/mode/RGB color.
5) Paste the image in your clipboard on top of your original layer.
6) Take your eraser tool and delete everything in your colored layer, exept the parts you want to continue colored (eyes/eyeshadow).
7) Duplicate you first layer and bring it to the top. Go to filter/blur/gaussian blur and adjust as you see fit. Go to opacity and adjust it as you see fit too. Take you eraser tool again and delete around the eyes and eyeshadow.
8) Use this texture by   Sarah-Dipity at Deviantart.com and set it to exclusion at 100%.
9) Erase around the eye.
10) Write in white whatever you want it to say, or use a text brush. I used a brush, but since I can't remember where I got it from, I won't link it
And voilá! Your icon is done.

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