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hayley williams icon tutorial

hi (:

from this; to this; or this;

program; paint shop pro x
translatable? oui
difficulty; not too bad
includes; channel mixer, levels, fill layers.

1. copy your background twice. set the first copy to screen, 50% (obviously this will vary depending on your picture). set the second one to soft light, 100% (again, this will vary).

2. make a new raster layer. fill it with a dark blue (i used #003e60) and set it to exclusion, 100%

3. make another raster layer. fill it with a light blue this time (i used #c4e7fc) and set it to burn, 100%

4. layers > new adjustment layer > channel mixer. settings;
red; 138, -38, -23, -3
green; no touchy
blue; -6, -11, 122, -2

5. copy your background again, and drag it to the top. set this layer to luminance (L) at 100% (change it depending on your picture).

6. layers > new adjustment layer > levels. settings;
rgb; in; 20, 1.32, 255
out; 20, 224
red; in; 28, 1.43, 237
out; 17, 240
green; in; 21, 1.11, 255
out; 0, 247
blue; in; 24, 0.97, 255
out; 26, 246

to get the alternative result, delete the fill layers. obviously this might not work for all pictures, change my settings so it looks how you want. this is just a guideline.
enjoy it, and i'd love to see yr results. (:
Tags: colouring: channel mixer, program: paint shop pro, tutorial: colouring

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