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Serously THANK YOU to everyone who helped me with my cropping basics question! You guys are awesome for taking the time to help out.

Soooo now that I've mastered the cropping basics, my issue is that when I'm doing all the fun stuff (following tuts on here, for example coloring, etc.) when I'm happy with my final outcome and I save and go to upload it here, I get this awesome error message saying my pic is larger than 40KB. Why is this? Have I done too much to the image so that it is large(r)?? When I go to double check my sizing and what not, it still at my 100x100 setting.

Here is the one that I've been working on (and I literally have like 10 of these saved that are too large supposedly.).

Just did a bit of photo filtering...lets see...and some contrasting...stuff I thought was fairly basic and troubles me as to why it wouldn't be the right KB.

I didn't know if just by looking at it someone might know what the heck is going on.

Anyways. Hey if there's a mem tut I should check out, just direct me too it if that's easiest!
Tags: basics: image file formats, basics: miscellaneous

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