morganioo. (smilexxagain) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Go from View Full Size Image to 102.png image by flattery_ in 7 kind-of simple steps.
Uses color fill, color balance, selective color, levels, and moree.
* Works best for low saturated images. Images with high saturation will turn out horriblee. ;]
Made in PSCS3. Not translatable, sorryy. =[

Step One;

Color Fill Layer - fill with 4baeb2 - Multiply - 40%.

Step Two;

Color Balance Layer;

Midtones: 28, 23, -30
Shadows: 39, 31, 27
Highlights: 25, 16, 15

Step Three;

Selective Color Layer;

Reds: -100, 18, 100, 0
Yellows: -12, 9, 14, -5
Whites: 26, 13, -30, 0
Neutrals: 9, 9, -10, -8
Blacks: 0, 0, 0, 7.

Step Four;

Hue/Saturation Layer.

Master Saturation: +15.

Step Five;

Levels Layer:

input: 41, 1.37, 255
output: 14, 246

input: 50, 1.10, 241
output: 11, 242

input: 11, 0.89, 236
output: 0, 255.

input: 20, 1.00, 225
output: 0, 237.

{ i know levels are annoying; it was annoying to type too. ;D }

Step Six;

Color Fill Layer - fill with cdcbcb - luminocity - 26%.

Step Seven;

Duplicate base - drag to the top - Soft Light - 100%.

And you're done! Final product & other examples:

102.png image by flattery_ 104.png image by flattery_ 103.png image by flattery_

Again, i warn you that high, and even normal saturated pictures will turn out horrible, way too red. But sometimes i take pictures and lower the saturation on them myself if i want to use this coloring, like i did for the two examples above, besides the first one. ;D


Please direct all your comments heree! ;D

Tags: program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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