iheartkeira (iheartkeira) wrote in icon_tutorial,

clemence poesy coloring.

Learn how to go from this:

in a few simple steps.
Not translatable, includes selective coloring.

1. Crop your base, and sharpen it if you'd like. I did not sharpen the example image. If your image is dark, you may have to duplicate your base and set it to screen.

2. Make a new fill layer and fill it with a coral-y color (#FBCCC1). Set it to color burn 100% opacity.

3. Make a new selective color layer. Settings:

Red: -17
Magenta: +6
Yellow: -18
Black: -22

4. Make a new fill layer and fill it with a dull purple eggplant (#422833). Set this layer to Lighten 80% opacity.

5. Make a new layer and select the brush tool. Brush along the middle of the image with a big round 100px brush with color #C8B6BC. Set this layer to lighten.

6. Make a new layer. Add some big light purple (# F1E9E9) brushes in areas that don't look quite right. Set this layer to 59% opacity.

And you're done! :) 

Other Examples: 

Tags: program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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