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Tutorial #8 - Angelina Jolie

We're going from


Uses Selective Color and other adjustments so I don't think it's traslatable.

First of all, disclaimer: this tutorial is inspired by one of __belfrycons's tutorials. I just wanted to say that because somebody might say I stole the idea. Hokay. The base I will be working on is of Angelina Jolie, gotten from angelinajolieweb. Let's see. Now where should we start? Oh, yeah. If you look at the base, it's lacking contrast and a little bit more color. Not to worry, though.

1) First, duplicate your base and set it to Softlight at 100% Opacity. That will give the base contrast and a little bit more color, which is what we needed.


2) Okay. For this next step, make a new color layer of yellow (#d6dc6c is what I used) and set to Softlight at 100% Opacity. Just like __belfrycons, I wanted a blank palette to work with. The base is too yellow, but the next step will remedy the problem.


3) Open up a Selective Color layer and play around with the reds, the yellows, and the neutrals. On the neutrals, just add a little cyan and decrease the yellows to make the problem disappear. On the other two, just up the reds but don't decrease the yellows, since the neutrals will take care of that. Here are my settings:

Reds: -30/+100/0/+100
Yellows: -30/0/-10/0
Neutrals: +40/+5/-25/+10


4) Now that the yellow is out, we have something to work with now. Open up a new Selective Color layer and, like the step before, play around with the reds, yellows, and the neutrals. Don't go too crazy with the inputs, though, or your base will look like a radioactive alien. Here are my settings:

reds: -40/0/+20/+15
yellows: -50/+15/-10/+20
neutrals: +10/0/0/0


5) Okay, now the image is really coming together. But I want it to have a little more contrast. If you saw my last tutorial, you'll see something familiar. Open up a Gradient Map (set the primary color to black and the secondary to white) and set it to Softlight and 50% Opacity. Some of the color have gone away, though, but don't fret.


6) To put some color back in, open up a Hue/Saturation layer and play around with the saturation in Master because it depends in your base. Here are my settings:

Master: 0/+20/0


And voila! You're done!

Other examples:


No PSD, please don't ask.

I would appreciate if all comments and/or questions be posted here at my journal. Thank you! :)
Tags: colouring: saturation, colouring: selective colouring, program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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