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Difficulty (1-10): 4/5.


For less confusion, please go here any comments.

1. Open up your base, prepare it if need be (sharpen, blur, etc.) to 100px by 100 px. Any size image will work, but icons are 100px by 100px....

2. Make a new Brightness/Contrast layer;
Brightness: -22.
Contrast: +3

3. Make a new Curves layer;

Point 1: Input - 107
Output - 72

Point 2: Input - 178
Output - 159

4. Open up a new Selective Colouring layer;

Reds; -58, 0, +51, 0
Yellows; +88, 0, -70, 0
Cyans; -51, +57, +91, +39
Blues; +44, +56, +72, +41
Whites; +5, +55, +87, +23
Neutrals; +5, 0, +30, +10

5. Make a new Solid Colour layer and fill it with #ca8a67 and set it to Soft Light 100% opacity.

6. Make a new Brightness/Contrast layer;

B: +11
Contrast: +6

7. Make another colour fill layer and fill it with #312112 set to Exclusion 100% opacity.

8. And finally, make a Hue/Saturation layer;

Saturation; +12

And that's it! Hope you had fun making it. Also, I cannot stress it enough that this colouring will not work with every image, you'll have to play around with opacities, too.
And please, let me see your results! :D

Other Examples;

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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