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-made in: Photoshop 7.0
-difficulty: pretty easy :D
-includes: selective color,fill layers,other adjustment layers

Start off with your base. I suggest a light,high quality image with good lighting for a better effect. :3

Make a new brightness-contrast and give it these settings:
Brightness: 40
Contrast: 0
8D this makes our image very light.

Make a new selective color layer,and give it these settings:
Reds: -75,0,0,0
Yellows: -72,0,-10,0
Whites: 0,0,0,-100
Our YeSung looks pretty icky,ne...

Make a new selective color layer and give it these settings:
Reds: 58,45,-30,1
Yellows: 0,9,-40,100
Whites: 0,0,0,-100
Set this layer to SOFT LIGHT 100%.
Yikes,looks even icky-er DX;;; let's fix that.

Let's lighten it up again,with a light blue like #e1e2fa. Make a new layer and fill it with this color,and set this layer to SOFT LIGHT 34%.

Time to make it less white and icky!Take the same light blue again,and make another layer and fill it with it. Set it to LINEAR BURN 100%.

Once more,make a new layer and fill it with the same light blue,only this time set this layer to COLOR BURN 100%.
Slowly starting to look like our end result,but it looks too red...

Now,go back to your base image and duplicate it. Drag it all the way to the top,and set it to SOFT LIGHT 100%. Then,go to image>adjustments>desaturate,and it will desaturate the reds a bit.

Now for the finishing lighting touches~!Make a new levels layer(layers is very useful on controlling lighting. You can make dark,white,and medium colors lighter or darker.)Give it these settings:
Input: 14,0.88,244
Output: 16,243
Click OK,and you are done~!

^^ hope it was helpful. I didn't actually make these steps in this order,it may require experimentation depending on your image.

Please leave any comments or questions here~!
Tags: program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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