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As per request by punkchica321, I've got a nifty little coloring tutorial here. This is my first time making one, so if I confuse anyone about anything, let me know and I'll try to clear things up. There are a lot of steps required to actually get everything done the right way, so if you get lost in the process I'll happily help you out. :D

Oh, and this was made in Photoshop 7. Before I forget. And I don't have it in PSD, but if the demand is high enough I'll go ahead and go back to make one.

Going from this to this

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Starting from the top, I'm going to go ahead and use the Allison Mack picture from the batch the request was made on:

Now I usually prefer to crop after I've colored and touched up everything, so we're going to start by doing that.

First, go to layer and hit duplicate Layer. A little window should pop up, asking you to rename said layer. I usually just hit enter and don't bother with it, but if you want to stay organized you should probably put a number on it or something. After hitting enter/naming your layer, go over to your layers window and switch from normal to screen. Because I felt that the image wasn't bright enough, I duplicated the layer (layer < duplicate) and set it on screen again.

Now duplicate the layer a third time, but instead of setting it on screen, go down to soft light and switch the opacity to 16 percent.

Your image should look a lot like the following:

Okay, now that the picture is brightened up, we're going to go ahead and start working with the colors. Go back up to layer and click on adjustment layer. A little sidebar will open up, so go ahead down and find selective color. The selective color options window should pop up.

REDS: red / -100 / green / 0 / blue / 0

That'll leave the image looking pretty red after you do that. No need to panic though, it's supposed to look that way. Go back through layers < adjustment layers. Instead of going back to selective color, click on channel mixer.

REDS: red / +92 / green / +2 / blue / -2

Hit enter, then go to hue/saturation (in the adjustment layers section).


The picture still looks a bit dull. So go ahead on over to curves (adjustment layer < curves) and try a few settings.

RGB: Input / 64 / Output / 55
RED: Input / 126 / Output / 120
GREEN: Input /124 / Output /127
BLUE: Input / 125 / Output / 136

That takes care of a lot of the excess red that was in the picture. The icon still needs a bit of a kick though, so go back to selective color and put in these numbers:

REDS: Cyan / -20 / Magenta / -9 / Yellow / -1 / Black / 0
YELLOWS: Cyan / -3 / Magenta / +6 / Yellow / -13 / Black / 0
CYANS: Cyan / +22 / Magenta / +1 / Yellow / 0 / Black / 0

Now this part is always the toughest, because you have to do a lot of tinkering to get the exact effect. I went back to the curves layer and tried to get the lighting a bit more adjusted.

RGB: Input / 32 / Output / 0
Input / 68 / Output / 37
Input / 117 / Output / 111
Input / 162 / Output / 169
RED: Input / 58 / Output / 67
Input / 131 / Output / 131
Input / 187 / Output / 184

Open up the curves window one more time after that.

RGB: Input / 85 / Output / 74

Saturate the image a bit more with the hue/saturation layer at + 17.

Your image should now look like:

Again, I felt like the coloring was off, so I added some more saturation. So go ahead and add +39 saturation before going back to tinker with the curves layer one last time.

RGB: Input / 71/ Output / 59
BLUE: Input / 121 / Output / 140

That looks a lot better. The icon still seems a bit bright though, so I took the following texture by ghosts and brought out the white circle over the part I intended on cropping:

At the layers window, hit soft light. It should darken the image quite a bit. Bring the opacity down to 50 percent. There. It's not so dark anymore. The little circles from the texture are a little irritating though, so go ahead and get your blur tool from the toolbar and scrub those out. From there, crop your icon (100x100, of course).

There! All finished!
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