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Program; PS 7
Uses; Colour layers, Selective colouring (Non-translatable)
Steps; 6

Step 1; Once you've chosen your image, prep it but dont change any colours yet.

Step 2; Add a new colour layer in #FFC1DD and set it to colour burn.

Step 3; Add another colour layer in #C1D1FF. Set to multiply.

Step 4; Add a last colour layer, fill with #F5FFA3 and set to colour burn.

Step 5; Add a selective colouring layer and make the setting like this-
YELLOW; -56, -44, +100, +89
NEUTRAL; +10, +15, +44, +17

STEP 6; Add this layer daintybird and set to multiply.

Voila! Done!
I'd love to see what you create!


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