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Mini-Banner tutorial

How to make:

First, start out by picking one photoshoot with at least 3 pictures you want to use for your mini-banner. I chose three picture of Avril from Avril-Images.net.

Find a nice coloring or use your own. You'll use this one for two images so pick one that you'll be satisfied with. I chose one I made myself (if you want the tutorial, request it) for the first image of Avril, the second one from the left is the result. I placed it toward the end. Next I duplicated it and desaturated the duplicate. I used the Freeform Pen Tool to cut Avril out (not perfectly, as you can see). If you do not know how to use this tool, look below.
Once you locate the tool, make sure it is on Paths (above on Photoshop CS3). Click at the start point and drag it around the image as neatly as you can. Get the entire image or all you want to show, all around. Once you're done, let go and you'll see a neat-ish line around that image. Right-click on the image and choose "Make Selection..." and choose the Feather Radius as "0." Next go to Select>>Inverse and press delete on your keyboard. Then drag the image wherever you choose. Once you're done, you might want to go to Select>>Deselect. If you have any problems with this, feel free to ask.

I dragged the copy to the end and made it invisable (click the eye next to the layer).

Then I pasted the second image in, without any effect. I blended it using the Lasso Tool. If you don't know how to use the tool, look below.
I overlapped one image over the other so it's covering a little but nothing that I want for the second image (overlapping) is covering anything I want for the first image or the other way around. Then I choose the tool and set the feather (above on Photoshop) to 10. I select the area I want to be blended and hit delete on my keyboard. Then when I'm done, I go to Select>>Deselect. Any problems = ask away.
Then I made the duplicate of the first image (desaturated) visible again (click where the eye should be).

Next I pasted the last image. I put the same effect on it as the first. I blended it with the second (no effect) image (learn how to above).

Then I added text. I first added "avril lavigne." in color #e61d1e with 14pt Maszyna Plus font. Next I added "i won't be forgotten" with #471434 color and Pea Bonnie Script, size 18pt. I added "OMG-ITS-OLIVIA" to the side in 04b24, size 8pt with color #471434.

That's it! You're done! Hope you liked it. Feel free to ask questions or request the coloring tutorial!
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