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midnight fantasy

first ever tutorial :'D

tutorial 001= Midnight Fantasy (requires photoshop)
★=this coloring is for green correction

Midnight Fantasy=
green correction coloring; requires selective coloring

001: duplicate your base and set it to soft light 100% to stress the colors; feel free to adjust the settings

002: selective coloring time! this is make his skin less green and more believable
cyan: -35
magenta: -27
yellow: -53
black: -3

cyan: +36
magenta: +2
yellow: -2
black: -24

cyan: -24
magenta: -3
yellow: +7
black: -9

cyan: +100
magenta: +31
yellow: +22
black: +37

003: open up a new color balance layer for small color tweaking, since his skin looks rather light and yellow-ish

midtones: +28 -4 -2
shadows: -27 -7 +9
highlights: -1 -2 +2

004: for some icons, you may want to make a new brightness/saturation layer and set the saturation to +10-30 for it may look bland

005: you're done! feel free to tweak the settings to your heart's desire. comment are appreciated and if you want a tut on a certain icon, just tell me ^^

the .psd is currently not available, but if enough people request it, i may post it; although i think learning it yourself is nicer

other examples using the tut:

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