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Tutorial #09: Code Geass

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Difficulty: Pretty Easy
Program: Photoshop CS3
Traslatable: Yes

1. Take your base, now duplicate it and set it to Screen, 45%

2. Duplicate the base again and put the new copy on the top, set to Soft Light, 100%

3. New layer, fill it with #f1ed3f, set to Saturation 100%. You can erase what you don't want.

4. New Layer, fill it with #a43490, set to Soft Light 50%

5. Las new layer, fill it with #ffbd27 and set it to Multiply, 10%

6. Finally, new adjustment Layer-> Hue/Saturation:
0, 55,0 and set to Soft Light 50%

Other Examples:

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Tags: anime & manga: colouring

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