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Colouring Tutorial

This is my first ever tutorial here, so I hope you guys like it.

Go from this: To this:

- Made in PS CS2
- Not translatable, includes Selective Colouring


- First, take your image and duplicate it. Set the duplicate layer to Soft Light, 100%. Merge your layers.
- Using the Blur Tool, smooth out her skin, avoiding her lips, teeth, eyes, eybrows, and the edges of her face.

- Layer - New Adjustment Layer - Selective Colouring...

Reds: -100, 0, +100, 0
Yellows: +100, +6, -100, 0
Whites: -100, -39, +100, -25
Neutrals: -15, -3, -10, 0

- Merge Layers

- Layer - New Adjustment Layer - Selective Colouring...

Reds: -30, +20, +15, -20
Yellows: 0, 0, +35, -20
Whites: 0, -100, 0, -20
Neutrals: -15, +10, +3, -9

- Set this layer (the Selective Colouring layer) to Soft Light at 50%

- Create a new layer, and using a soft, round brush, colour her eye using #5aff00
- Set this layer to Hue at 70%

- Merge Layers

- Using the Blur Tool, smooth out her skin again, using the same techniques as before.

- Finally, add a 1px border, #000000

- And you're done:


Other Examples: 


Tags: program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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