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First off, I'll wish a happy Australia day to everyone! Who lives in Australia and who doesn't.
I'll be teaching you how to go from:
Involves: Colour balance, channel mixer, selective colour.
Level: Easy (6 steps)
PSD: Yes, sir!
PLEASE comment at gloriousound

001. Start off with your base, make sure if it's a screen cap to duplicate the layer and set to screen!

002. Colour balance;
10, 0, 20

003. Channel mixer;
100, 9, -19
1, -27, 105

004. Selective colouring;
Reds: -100, 24, 34, -45
Yellows: 6, 0, 100, 0
Neutrals: 4, -3, -13, 4

005. Another selective colouring layer.
Reds: -100, 34, 100
Yellows: 25, -24, -100, -39

006. Merge all layers and sharpen if necessary, then you're done!


(more coming soon?)
PSD: click

Tags: program: photoshop, resource: screen captures, tutorial: colouring

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