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Mike Carden Signature Tutorial



Program: Photoshop 7.0

Translatable: No, sorry! Selective coloring!

PSD: Yup!

Steps: 11 with a few optional steps.

I added a bit of commentary/explanation, so if you don't want to read you can just skip to the bolded parts.


Choose your base! I chose a picture of Mike Carden from the FTABH promo shoot. This tutorial works best for images that are pretty neutral. Meaning they don't have much color or are washed out. Do whatever you normally do to prep your base. I didn't do anything because the photo was pretty high-quality and it seemed fine to me.


I added a hue/saturation layer because the picture was very washed out. It was lacking color. All the numbers are inputted into the saturation field.

Master: +42

Reds: +16

Yellows: +45

Greens: +71

Cyans: +40

Blues: +59

Magentas: +59

It looks a lot brighter now!


I added a selective color layer so the picture would have even more color. If you don't have Photoshop you can skip this step. The picture just won't be quite as blue. But it will have a pretty effect none-the-less.

Reds: -100, 0, 28, 42

Yellows: -29, -100, 86, 75

Whites: 67, 36, 25, -51

Neutrals: 0, 33, 9, -21

Blacks: 100, 100, -3, -17

This brought out the blues that were in the image. It also added a bit of purple to the image as well.


To add some depth to the image, I added a brightness/contrast layer. I found that this was simliar to an exposure layer from later version of Photoshop. I definitely overuse the brightness/contrast adjustment layer. Again, this step isn't necessary but it adds a little depth.

Brightness: -19

Contrast: -4


I felt that the purple/blue-ness of the image was too overbearing. If you like it, by all means skip this step. I decided I wanted something a little more subtle. To achieve this I added a color balance layer.

Midtones: -51, 11, -12

Shadows: 25, 13, 14


Out of habit, I always make a new layer and copy-merge everything into that layer. You can do this by creating a new layer than pressing ctrl+alt+shift+e.


Now to add more decoration to the image. I chose this texture from Velvet Factory. I just pasted over the top of my image and arranged it until I liked where it was. I set this layer to lighten at 100%.


To add some color and even more decoration to the image, I added another texture. I chose this</b> texture from Antebellum. I arranged it so most of the grunge and color was at the bottom of the image. I set this layer to linear burn at 80%.


You can barely see the actual image now. I like the way the textures look but I want the actual focal point [mike] to shine through. So, I duplicated my copy-merged layer and dragged it to the top of my layers. I set it to softlight at 72%.


I thought that Mike could be a little more obvious so I duplicated my last softlight layer but I changed the settings to overlay at 10%.


Finally, I added some text. Using the font violation at 20 point I added the words mike carden.

Viola! Feel free to add whatever text/textures/brushes/etc. that you like!

I'd love to hear your feedback and see your results if you try!

Please direct questions/comments here. You can also get the PSD here!
Tags: colouring: colour balance, colouring: saturation, colouring: selective colouring, program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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